Monday, April 15, 2013

Psychometry a Way to Enhance Psychic Abilities

I have always wondered how people pick up information from objects.  It was something I would have loved to be able to do, but didn’t think I had the ability.  I read up on it, watched others do it, studied it as part of various courses, but never allowed myself to try it.  Then I attended a workshop on psychometry given by my very psychically gifted friend, Sheila Trecartin.

Sheila has a knack for opening up even the most stubborn students.  During the workshop, I was surprised to find myself picking up information as I held various objects in my hand.  I was not even holding the item itself—I was holding an envelope that contained the item I was supposed to examine. 

Of course, not all the information I came up with scored a hit.  Some of it was well out in left field.  But I did manage to come up with specific information about the items and the item’s owners to impress myself with the results.  I found myself wondering how I knew something and from where the information was coming.

What was helpful with the exercises we did in the workshop was that we received immediate feedback about the impressions we received.  The owners of the items were other students in the class.  Each of us was instructed to put an item into an envelope, which Sheila numbered.  Sheila was the only one who knew what was in the envelopes and to whom the items belonged.

Of course, it’s usually not difficult to ascertain by touch or by viewing the shape that presses against the envelope just what is in it.  So some of the items weren’t that mysterious, as far as determining what they were. 

But the magic happens when you start to receive information about the item or the item’s owner that you can’t possibly have known.  One item I held showed me an image of one of the participants riding a horse.  I immediately knew whom the item belonged to, and yes, she rides horses. 

In another exercise, Sheila set out objects on the floor and took turns holding them and receiving information from them.  Some of these items were antiques, and this type of object always comes with an interesting story attached to it. 

When I visit antique stores, I enjoy practicing my psychometry by picking up objects and waiting to see what comes up.  The problem with doing that, though, is there is no way to validate the information received. 

Psychometry is an excellent way to exercise your psychic muscles.  Sometimes I find that holding an object makes receiving information easier than if I just try to open up and receive information without any aid.  So if you are trying to improve your psychic abilities and haven’t tried psychometry, then I recommend it.

A few excellent books to get you started:

You are Psychic, by Debra Lynne Katz
The Psychic Pathway, by Sonia Choquette
Not all of the above books are specifically about psychometry, but they are a good resource if you are dabbling in it.  

Books are great, but nothing propels you forward like hands-on practice.  If you can attend a workshop or meetup on psychometry, then it will give you confidence to continue practicing. 

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