Monday, October 25, 2010

Headaches can be Spirits Trying to Communicate

One of the things that I learned the hard way about spirit communication is that if you are not at the right vibration to connect with people in the spirit plane, then it can cause some physical discomfort.  I was regularly getting headaches, and it always seemed to be when I was doing energy work on myself or exposing myself to haunted locations.

I finally connected the headaches to improper connection to spirits, when I woke up with a headache on the day that I was to give a workshop on psychic energy clearing and protection.  I called on Archangel Michael to remove any spirit attachments, toxic cords that may have formed, or lower vibrating energies that may have attached to me, and the headache went away immediately, which told me that it was not a regular migraine. 

Throughout the day, the headache would come back, and I'd ask Archangel Michael to clear me again.  Finally, it occurred to me that perhaps I should see if it was someone trying to come through who was associated with one of the people coming to the workshop that night.  While the workshop's intent was not to deal with actual spirit communication, it seemed to me that at least one spirit did not care about that and wanted to relay a message or at least make his or her presence known.

I sat down to meditate and told any spirits that were trying to connect that this was their chance to do so.  I said that I didn't guarantee that I'd be able to receive their message, but I would try, and then they would have to accept that and stop putting this headache on me.  During the meditation, I got the impression of a couple of people, but the strongest was a woman whose description I was able to get, along with some details about injuries she had sustained.  After the meditation session, I no longer had any more headaches.

During the workshop, I asked the group if anyone recognized the woman.  I described the details that I had been given, including the injuries that she had shown me.  One of the women declared that it was her mother, and that the anniversary of her death had just passed in the last couple of days.  She said that her mother likes to make her presence known, and this is not the first time that she has insisted on coming through.  I was really happy that I could facilitate this communication, because the woman in the group was really happy to hear from her mother. 

I was really happy that I now had a possible cause for my headaches, and in future could deal with any that were caused by spirits trying to communicate.  I'm still working on my mediumship skills, as I seem to have spirits around that want to come through and connect with me, but I still struggle with allowing myself to let them through. 

When I do an oracle card reading session these days, I always at the end ask the person if they would be interested in allowing me to try some mediumship with them, off the clock, of course.  This allows me to practice my mediumship skills and also allows some people to receive a message or two from a departed loved one for free.  So, it's a win-win proposition.


  1. Hi, I've followed you over here from Suite101, the Blogger thread in the forums. I've just taken a quick look at your blog but love what I see so far and found this entry really interesting. I'm following your blog now, and I'm looking forward to reading more! :-)

  2. By the way - your profile says you're from Newmarket, I'm from Belleville, just a few hours away! :-)

  3. Hello I found this today because I was doing my spell work and after words got a migraine and this keeps accruing after I do magic glad to see that im not the only one to deal with spirit communication this way. And now I know what I can do to stop this.

  4. I've also had a dull headache for three days and wondered if it had anything to do with the orbs I've caught lately in photos dancing all around my house. thanks :)

  5. Ive had problems with headaches and connecting with spirit for the past year. I own a ghost hunting events company and mediumistic, so when spirit comes into the room, i instinctivly known they are there because of the headache. It then became a problem, because the headaches gradually got worse and worse. It is spirit feeding off a certain point in your aura, a weekspot. the weekspot has to be healed, and more grounding is to be done. ive had amedium friend do healing with mine, and its gone,and now im grounding better, it hasnt returned and so glad, because having an indiction that spirit is there by causing a headaches, was becoming more of a curse than a gift, and glad that its all sorted now x

  6. I think I was just talking to some spirit outside. It was creaking the tree house boards. I started to cry because our chocolate lab ran away and I asked for help and heard the board creek and felt chilled and my mod suddenly had started to lose power. So I told the spirit to stop using up energy off the battery and use the fire from the candle and suddenly the board creeked again and the candle got dimmer.. It was crazy.. So I told the spirit to go look for my dog and the chill had left for awhile and wind blew threw the cornfield and through trees and I heard animal calls for awhile. Then it came back and creeked the tree house boards again as if telling me it didn't see my dog. I asked questions and the tree house boards creeked as if a intelligence response was being made and the candle was dim again.. I told the spirit to go look again and look harder and farther out. And it creeked once and then the candle was normal I have a headache what do I do?

  7. I am highly sensitive to spirit. Vibrations from them can be a little uncomfortable at times. It's an internal buzz that I can feel on my skin as well. If it's uncomfortable I just say they're making me uncomfortable and it stops. They block it somehow. But this is for the stronger ones. Most times it's just enough to be noticable. I feel vibrations from people as well but only adults. It is very different. Intense. But the headaches I've had for years. Not too long discovered what they were from. Mine is always in the shape of a bonnet, it connects to my throat. Weird sensation. Like a naked hot wire being drug across my scalp. I didn't realize it may be spirit trying to connect and it makes perfect sense.